Organic Demand Leads to Economic Gains for Farmers

peaches-824626_960_720A study published in the Journal Scientia Horticulturae highlighted the increased global demand for organic tree fruits.  The researchers looked at the total production area of organic tree fruit, and found that while most organic tree fruits represent 1-2% of the total production area for each category of fruit, avocado had a much higher proportion of organic production, with 8% of avocado production area being grown organically.  Yield was variable for organic tree fruits, with the relative yield of organic ranging from 42% to 126% that of conventional fruit trees. The study also found that despite higher production costs for organic tree fruits, organic farmers had higher net returns due to organic premiums.  The article concludes by citing new innovations aiding the organic sector and calling for further research that is needed to address organic farmer challenges such as invasive pests and climate change.