Human health dangers of neonicotinoid use

Photo credit: Chafer Machinery Photo credit: Chafer Machinery

Researchers at George Washington University published a paper examining the human health impacts of neonicotinoid pesticide exposure. Examining ten years of research on the health effects of neonicotinoids, they found only eight studies that looked at the link between human health and exposure to neonicotinoids, including three neonicotinoid poisoning studies documenting two fatalities from high-level exposure. Four of the studies they identified focused on chronic neonicotinoid exposure, with a high correlation between exposure and neurological impairment, including Tetralogy of Fallot, anencephaly, autism spectrum disorder, and a symptom cluster including memory loss and finger tremors. The final study looked at 19 forestry workers who reported no adverse effects to occupational exposure. The researchers concluded that more research is needed to investigate the impacts of neonicotinoid use and human health.