High energy efficiency on organic farms

Photo Credit:  Kelly DeLay Photo Credit: Kelly DeLay

Describing the differences in energy consumption between organic and conventional farms, a study by Professor Dalgaard of Aarhus University concludes that conversion to organic from conventional farming typically results in lower total fossil energy use. Although the research also found reduced production per area of agricultural land in organic systems, these reductions were outweighed by the decrease in energy use, meaning that even when yield is taken into account, organic production is less energy intensive than conventional production. The energy efficiency of organic farming was summed up by the author, who stated that “the energy efficiencies…are typically higher in organic compared to conventional farming examples.”   The study goes on to point out that not only do organic farms use less energy than their conventional counterparts but they also emit less greenhouse gasses.  The report also discusses alternative energy sources such as wind, sun, and biofuel.