Organic Farming Can Feed the World

Image credit: Friends of the Earth Image credit: Friends of the Earth

A new report released by Friends of the Earth presents a strong argument in favor of organic and agroecological farming as tool to feed the world sustainably. The report details how organic and agroecological farming can meet the Earth’s growing food needs, protect farmer livelihoods, and preserve the environment. It also debunks three of the most common myths associated with feeding the world 1) Organic and agroecological farming cannot produce enough food to feed the world; 2) Large-scale industrial agriculture is more efficient and sustainable than organic and agroecological farming and provides the technologies and methods we need to feed the world; and 3) Food production must be increased to feed the world.  The report closes with a call for U.S. policy reform that includes boosting public investment in research and technical assistance for organic and agroecological production systems, eliminating subsidies that promote environmentally harmful farming practices, and shift policies and production away from biofuels and livestock feed to nutritious food crops for human consumption.