2023 Organic Confluences: Reducing Plastics Along the Entire Organic Supply Chain

The event held on May 9th and 10th in tandem with the Organic Trade Association's Organic Week D.C, brought together a diverse audience of farmers, researchers, policymakers, and industry leaders to discuss the importance of reducing plastic use in organic.

The need was marked at the beginning of the event with a discussion of how plastic moves through the environment and our bodies as it escapes the supply chain at every point of its life cycle from production to end use. The remaining presentations and panels addressed challenges in replacing plastic currently used as important tools in organic and complex solutions including policy changes and consumer engagement. The breakout session allowed the eager audience to take a deep dive into solutions and research priorities which will help guide The Center's future work in this topic area. The Confluences agenda and slide presentations can be found here. 

Presentations of our speakers are below:
How Plastic Moves Through our Food System and Environment 
Use of Plastics in Organic




The Future of Non-Input Synthetics, Recycling and Plastic-Alternatives in Organic


Innovations in Plastic Alternatives: Lightning Session