Recipes for Strawberry Season

Before I tell you about my 5 favorite organic strawberry recipes, here is a little about the research behind why you should choose organic strawberries to add a little healthful nutrition to your treats:

The Research

Professor John Reganold teamed up with eight other researchers to examine the differences in fruit quality between organic and conventional strawberry production.  Their research showed that strawberries that are grown organically have longer shelf lives, higher antioxidant levels, and higher concentrations of ascorbic acid and phenolic compounds than conventional berries.  They also found that organic strawberries taste better than conventional ones!  If nutrition and taste weren’t enough to convince you, they also showed that the organic farms that grew strawberries had higher soil health than conventional strawberry farms.  You can learn more about the study here.

The Recipes

And now for some of the most delicious strawberry recipes I’ve found:

1. Easy strawberry chia jam: from Earthbound Farm

2. Strawberry basil spritzer cocktail: from Square One Organic Vodka

3. Bitersweet chocolate shortcakes with strawberries and cream: from Earthbound Farm

4. Strawberry Oat Bars: from Martha Stewart

5. Strawberry Breakfast Power Smoothie: from Alana Amsterdam


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