Dr. Nettles Organic Golden Milk

The (in)credible science 

This richly nutritious turmeric is cultivated organically and meticulously handpicked on Dr. Nettles's esteemed family farm. Each ingredient is carefully harvested by certified organic farmers. Our comprehensive research on spices, herbs, and tea underscores the advantages of organic tea, notably its ability to minimize the risk of ingesting harmful pesticide residues. This risk is particularly pronounced in dried products, where residues can become concentrated. 

The Recipe 

Experience comfort in a cup with Dr. Nettles' Organic Golden Milk. Infuse 2 cups of almond milk with 2 Dr. Nettles Organic Turmeric Ginger tea bags until warm. Sweeten to taste, stir, and top with cinnamon for a cozy treat. Enjoy the creamy richness and soothing blend of flavors in every sip.


  • 2 bags of Dr. Nettles Organic Turmeric Ginger Tea 
  • 2 cups of organic almond milk 
  • Cinnamon stick

1. Place milk, and the content of 2 Dr. Nettles Organic Turmeric Ginger tea bags into large saucepan

2. Cook, stirring frequently, until milk is hot but not boiling.

3. Give it a taste and add in your sweetener (honey, sugar, mock fruit) Stir very well or mix with a frother, sprinkle cinnamon or add a cinnamon stick to each mug and enjoy