Fill out the survey to help find organic solutions to citrus greening

We need help from organic citrus stakeholders to find solutions to citrus greening. We will use the information to develop a large-scale holistic research project proposal targeted toward protecting organic citrus growers from citrus greening, slowing the spread, and reducing damage to currently infected groves. We need your help: fill out the survey here!

Listening Session at EcoFarm

Date: Thursday January 23rd 2020

Time: 2-3pm

Location: Sanderling


Come be a part of developing a research project focused on providing much-needed knowledge and relief to organic citrus growers! This discussion group will address the challenges associated with growing organic citrus in the face of citrus greening. We will discuss concerns around citrus greening, experiences with materials and non-chemical methods of preventing or controlling the Asian citrus psyllid and the HLB bacterial infection, and research that is most needed for growers across citrus growing regions in the United States. This project is part of an OREI planning grant that was recently awarded from the USDA to a team including non-profits, academic researchers, and governmental agencies.  The information from this listening session will be used to develop a large-scale holistic project proposal targeted toward protecting organic citrus growers from citrus greening, slowing the spread, and reducing damage to currently infected groves.


Citrus Planning Grant Funded

The University of Florida and The Organic Center were awarded a planning grant to conduct a needs assessment through a survey and workshop that will gather information on current organic-compliant strategies used to combat HLB, their successes and challenges. Learn more about the project here!

Upcoming Webinar: Citrus Greening & the Quest for an Organic Solution, May 9, 2019 at 2pm ET

Citrus Greening is a devastating disease affecting citrus around the world. It has swept through the United States, wiping out over 60% of the citrus harvest in Florida alone. To date there has been no cure found for this disease, and most of the research on control measures have focused on conventional protocols. However, a new report by the Organic Center in collaboration with Ellen Cochrane, examines tools that are available for organic growers and details a rigorous, multi-faceted approach to protecting citrus trees in organic systems, while identifying future needs to help save organic and conventional citrus alike. Join Dr. Amber Sciligo, Science Program Manager at The Organic Center, and Ellen Cochrane on Thursday, May 9 at 2:00 P.M. ET for a one-hour webinar as our presenters discuss the effect Citrus Greening disease has had on the Florida citrus industry, especially in organic, and provide a high-level overview of the study’s findings.

Watch the recorded webinar on demand here.

Organic Control Protocols Published!

Our paper detailing allowable methods for combating citrus greening in organic groves has been published in a peer-reviewed publication, along with an accompanying grower guide for organic citrus producers.


Crowdfunding Campaign a success!

The Organic Center concluded a successful Crowdfunding Campaign, and exceeded its crowdfunding goal of $15,000, reaching a total of $20,417.  The campaign was so compelling that A&E Television Network funded it, choosing it from among thousands of other crowdfunding campaigns.


Farmer Presentations

The Organic Center has been invited to give presentations at several industry and farmer events around the country.  For example, we provided and in-depth presentation at the 2017 EcoFarm Conference in Ascilomar, CA; the 2017 Organic Food and Farming Summit in Gainesville, FL; the 2017 Biocontrols Conference in Orlando, FL; and the 2016 OTA Policy Conference in Washington, D.C.

Media Coverage

Read some of the stories that feature our work:

Policy Makers

The Organic Center conducted a briefing for congress, which was well attended and generated substantial interest from policy makers.  Staff members from several U.S. congressional offices gathered to hear the Organic Center’s progress on finding safe and effective ways to fight off citrus greening disease without the use of dangerous synthetic pesticides, and how their districts were impacted by the threat of the disease.