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Green living expert, author, and TV personality, Sara Snow, explains the USDA organic seal and why "natural" is not organic.

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  • Three new studies confirm that exposures to common insecticides during pregnancy can cut a child’s IQ 4% to 7%  by age 9.
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An Interview with Jim Galloway

Sep 01, 2013

A lot of your research deals with human alterations of the nitrogen cycle and resulting nitrogen pollution. What is nitrogen pollution, why is it a problem, and what has caused its development? Nitrogen pollution occurs when reactive nitrogen (any nitrogen species other than N2) is present in amounts that cause negative impacts to the health [...]

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Hidden Treasures: The USDA Agricultural Research Service. Part 2: ARS Organic Research in Beltsville

Aug 15, 2013

I had the good fortune last month of visiting the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA’s) Agricultural Research Service (ARS) station in Beltsville, MD. What I found there was truly inspiring: large projects devoted to improving organic agricultural practices, a treasure trove of information stored in the National Agriculture Library, and researchers passionate about their work. [...]

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Decreasing Arsenic Uptake in Organic Rice Systems

Jul 05, 2013

The Organic Center is collaborating with the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA’s) Agricultural Research Service (ARS) to conduct targeted research on the factors affecting the presence of arsenic in organically grown rice.  ARS scientists are testing stored samples of organic rice grown under controlled organic conditions at USDA research facilities, and examining the factors that [...]

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The Effects of Organic Farming Practices on Nitrogen Pollution

Jul 04, 2013

The Organic Center is working with Professor James Galloway, Ariel Majidi, and Allison Leach at the University of Virginia to investigate the effect of different farming systems on nitrogen pollution.   Over the last century food production has played a large role in the increased production of excess reactive nitrogen (all nitrogen forms other than [...]

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Babies Exposed to Pesticides Prenatally

Jun 28, 2013

A new report entitled “Pre-Polluted: A Report on Toxic Substances in the Umbilical Cord Blood of Canadian Newborns”, that was recently published by the organization Environmental Defense, found that babies are being exposed to chemicals while in the womb.  The study tested the umbilical cord blood of newborns, and tested for 310 pollutants, including organochlorine [...]

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Agricultural Runoff Study

Jun 27, 2013

A new study has begun on agriculture runoff in water in Midwest streams. Scientists from the U.S. Geological Survey and the Environmental Protection Agency have partnered up to examine the effects of agricultural runoff in 100 streams from Ohio to Nebraska.  They will be testing the stream water for pesticides and synthetic fertilizer nutrients, and searching for [...]

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Myra Goodman

Nov 03, 2011

Co-founder, Earthbound Farm Myra Goodman is the Co-founder, Executive Vice-President, and Chief Creative Officer of Earthbound Farm. Originally from New York City, Earthbound Farm started in 1984 when Myra and her husband Drew began farming organically on their 2 -acre backyard garden in Carmel Valley, California. Today, their organic produce is farmed by more than [...]

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Do You Know?

Mar 01, 2011

Three new studies confirm that exposures to common insecticides during pregnancy can cut a child’s IQ 4% to 7%  by age 9. sources listed here

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Shades of Green: Quantifying the Benefits of Organic Dairy Production

Mar 10, 2009
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