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Green living expert, author, and TV personality, Sara Snow, explains the USDA organic seal and why "natural" is not organic.

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  • Three new studies confirm that exposures to common insecticides during pregnancy can cut a child’s IQ 4% to 7%  by age 9.
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The use of growth-inducing drugs in cattle increases in the face of drought

May 29, 2013

The drought affecting the Great Plains and West has had an unexpected effect on cattle herds located in those regions:  higher use of the growth-inducing drugs known as “beta-agonists.”  Cattle farmers are increasing their use of these additives to bulk up their animals in the face of high corn costs.  Beta-agonists enable farmers to grow [...]

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The Organic Center names new Board of Trustees

Mar 15, 2013

Contact: Barbara Haumann (; 802-275-3820) WASHINGTON, D.C. (March 15, 2013)—The Organic Center has named 15 persons to its new Board of Trustees, and formally introduced them at its sold-out fundraiser dinner March 9 held in conjunction with Natural Products Expo West in Anaheim, CA. Since September 2012 when it began operating under the administrative auspices [...]

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News Release: TOC moves to D.C. and combines efforts with the OTA

Mar 15, 2013

Contact: Barbara Haumann (; 802-275-3820) The Organic Center moves to D.C. and combines efforts with the Organic Trade Association Two independent organizations will maintain separate missions dedicated to advancing organic WASHINGTON, D.C. (Sept.5, 2012)—Effective Sept. 1, The Organic Center is combining efforts with the Organic Trade Association (OTA) and relocating its headquarters from Boulder, CO, [...]

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The Organic Center steps up research focus

Mar 05, 2013

UNFI Foundation provides grant for arsenic and rice research Contact: Barbara Haumann (; 802-275-3820) WASHINGTON, D.C. (March 5, 2013)—The Organic Center has signed an agreement with U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA’s) Agricultural Research Service (ARS) for ARS scientists to conduct targeted research on the factors affecting the presence of arsenic in organically grown rice. Making [...]

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Farm Story–Ometepe, Nicaragua

Jul 25, 2012

  By: Tania Neubauer, ND, LMT The beautiful island of Ometepe, Nicaragua, is home to one of the world’s newest organic agriculture community groups! Promotores de la Agricultura Organica de Los Angeles, Ometepe (PAOLAO) formed spontaneously after a group of villagers attended a workshop on organic agriculture taught by another campesino-run group from northern Nicaragua. Five [...]

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IQ and Pesticides: Another Important Study

Jun 25, 2012

By: Dr. Chuck Benbrook   The April 2012 issue of Environmental Health Perspectives (EHP) has an extraordinary paper by David Bellinger of the Children’s Hospital, Harvard Medical School, entitled “A Strategy for Comparing the Contributions of Environmental Chemicals and Other Risk Factors to Neurodevelopment of Children.”  In this paper, Bellinger calculates the impact on Full-Scale [...]

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The USDA’s Pesticide Data Program (PDP) 2010 Data is Out!

Jun 25, 2012

By: Dr. Chuck Benbrook PDP is a national pesticide residue testing program which analyzes approximately 25,000 samples a year.   Top Findings Baby food There is first-ever data on three baby foods — pears, green beans and sweet potatoes.  In general, the sweet potatoes and pears were pretty clean, but 9% of the green bean [...]

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Honey Bees: An Interview with Madhava

Jun 19, 2012

An Interview with Madhava Natural Sweeteners Have you seen a decline in your bees due to colony collapse disorder? There has been a problem worldwide with colony collapse. What species is the most affected? There are organizations that are studying this closely. Why are bees so important? Honeybees are best known for making honey but [...]

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GMO Article in May 2012 Vogue Magazine

May 09, 2012

The May Issue of  Vogue magazine (U.S.) features an honest and well written piece, titled “Lab to Table,” about  the rise of Genetically Modified foods  (GMOs). Author, Eve Conant, reports on the latest research, the surprising GM foods in her fridge (and maybe in yours),  and the strong movement to get GMOs labeled. The Organic Center’s chief scientist, Dr. Chuck [...]

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The Top 12 Organic Foods Highest in Antioxidants

Mar 19, 2012

March is National Nutrition Month. I’ve started keeping a food journal, which has helped me keep track of the good (and bad) foods I eat. The beauty of this simple exercise is that it makes you think about every morsel you consume. I’ve started choosing the healthiest foods possible so I feel good about writing [...]

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